Rediscover Gold in the Web3

Rediscover the value of gold in the world of Web3 with the Web3Gold platform!

What Is Web3Gold?

Web3Gold is a platform that aims to encourage investors to rediscover the value of gold in the world of Web3. Gold has served as a means of investment for thousands of years and has been forgotten in the world of Web3 by the sheer volume of virtual currencies. Let's rediscover the value of gold with Web3Gold!

Great Features

Earn money at every turn

Each of our apps, like Staking and DEX, will reward our users every time they use it. These apps are fully decentralized and the rewards amount is predefined. This choice will allow us to provide our users with certainty of receiving rewards for using our products.

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Great Marketing Plan

Our Marketing Plan has been arranged in an appropriate way to guarantee as much hype and as many investors as possible for the project! We are ready for crowds of people who, like us, want to rediscover the value of gold! Numerous collaborations with the most popular groups on telegram are our domain!

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Staking without taxes and restrictions

Most staking platforms on the market have predetermined time limits, volume limits and fees. W3Gold Staking has no limits and no fees! We are fully free from collecting taxes from users and do not impose limits on our investors in any way!

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Safu Project

Web3Gold is fully committed to ensuring a sense of security in our investors, which is why we have taken the following steps: the maximum taxes that the team can set were limited to 9%, no tokens are unlocked for the first month of the project, unlocking of liquidity pool only after 365 days, and so much more! The project fully guarantees the safety of the investment and is in no way able to jeopardize the safety of the funds deposited by investors.

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Low Taxes

In no way do we want to negatively affect our strengths, so we have decided to limit taxes to only 2%, that will be distributed as follows: 1% development, 1% marketing! This form of taxes is sure to result in high turnover on the exchange and big price increases thanks to long-term investors.

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Multi-Chain Intent

W3GOLD will be based not only on the Binance Smart Chain network, but also on other networks. The first network that will be implemented into our project will be the Ethereum Main Net, which will certainly please our community and enlarge it with additional individuals interested in our project. The applications we will provide you with will be useful on most networks, and our token will be traded on any decentralized exchange.

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Strategic Partners

Clarified Roadmap

Phase 1

Initial Phase


In the initial phase the project will be promoted and launched. It will also enter the decentralized exchange: PancakeSwap.

Contract Audit

KYC Process

Twitter & Telegram Marketing

Staking Launch

Pinksale Fair Launch

PancakeSwap Listing

2000 Holders

Phase 2

Improve Phase

0% complete

The second phase of the project will lead to introduction of a decentralized exchange called DEX with noticeable improvements and advertisement.

Gold Peg ($WGOLD) creation

Own DEX Tests

DEX Launch

Many Competitions

YouTube Presentations of our DEX

CoinZilla Cooperation

Google Ads

Phase 3

Mainstream Phase

0% complete

The third (but not the last) phase of the project is going mainstream with our product and making it available to more people, which will significantly affect the token price.

CEX Listing

Swap Platform Launch

Influencer Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Ads on New York Times Square

Metaverse Integration

P2E Integration

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Frequenly Asked Questions

How can I contact the administration?

The easiest way to contact our administration is the group on Telegram, which everyone is welcome to join. We are available there practically 24/7, which makes contacting us incredibly easy.

What applications will be available under the W3GOLD banner?

We are currently releasing the staking platform app that has no taxes, no limits and is completely unrestricted! Another app that will be released under our banner will be DEX, which will reward users at every step for every time they use our app.

What is our marketing budget?

The marketing budget is actually very large, due to the strong financial support of our entire team, which fully believes in the success of our project. In the end, our budget oscillates around $60,000.

How can I safely make money with W3GOLD?

Stake our tokens on the staking platform and earn up to 7,67% daily which makes 2800% in a year!